About Optimal Training 

Optimal Training Ltd is a professional Safety-First Aid Training company recognised towards dedicated and passionate individuals seeking accredited certification. Established in 2014, we are a UK-based organization that addresses a wide spectrum of  courses from first aid and health and safety, utilizing the expertise of various professional trainers who prepare our courses. Each course is specially designed to meet the requirements of our clients. We offer a number of different options to accommodate the varied interests and needs of our students and promote strong trainer-trainee relationships throughout the process.

We present a diverse selection of programs and like the Red Cross and St John Ambulance, we are regulated to provide the HSE qualifications. We are fully regulated through Ofqual and Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), to provide accredited qualifications ensuring strict standards and quality of service.

Our reputation for maintaining highly professional and motivating precedes us, and we accredit this to our tremendously insightful instructors. We and our students are both fortunate to work and learn beside individuals who can offer such constructive knowledge. Students attending the courses are taught by professionals who have extensive backgrounds in various industries, including the medical, health care, military and law enforcement sectors, where their experience and quality of teaching is extremely valuable.

All our trainers hold the relevant qualifications in their respective field and all hold a formal teaching/assessing qualification. So, rest assure that you are engaging with a reliable and creditable training provider.  We pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional level of courses with our mission of delivering bespoke training to our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our clients are fortunate to be provided with not only qualified, professionals, but the very best in their respective field. These subject matter experts have been trained to work in numerous capacities and environments from the medical and safety world.

Due to the individual needs of our students, Optimal Training does not compel its trainers to adhere to any particular textbook or manual. Instead, we encourage these experts to apply their personal experiences and offer useful principles and methods that can be helpful to the students.

More about Optimal Training 

If you require further information or would like to discuss your specific requirements in detail, please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you.